Mentorship Program

This program has been designed to

help those who are seeking for feedback

on their projects or edits, ideas and approach

Program Overview

This mentorship program has been designed to help those photographers who are seeking to develop their photography skills to the next level and beyond, looking for feedback on their projects or edits, ideas and approach. The programs will help them to gain more insight as well as get a different perspective in order to help define the direction and path that they would like to follow.

ETSP’s elite mentors have the skills to guide you on your particular photographic journey. Through one-on-one meetings over the course of six months, you can develop your skills, complete a project, improve a portfolio or book or ultimately pursue your photographic dreams. The programs will consist of different approaches as well as opportunities to help cater to the student’s needs.


Who this course is for?

Course Code

Anyone can join

One Mentor (One On One) – 14 sessions; 60-90 minutes per session; within 3-6 months.

Schedule Your Mentorship Sessions
After determining the direction for the mentorship, it is time to schedule your mentorship session. Mentoring plans vary from mentee to mentee, with some just needing several hours of one on one training, and others opting for a more concentrated and in-depth 3-6 months program.

Course Fee
600 USD or Rs 30500

Our Strategic Plan for Your Growth

Every mentee we have worked with over the past several years has had a different set of goals or needs, so our first communication allows the Mentor to learn about the Mentee and determine the areas that they should focus on together. After reviewing your portfolio, we will put together a plan for how we should focus our mentorship time together to maximize growth in your business. Our mentorship program will be tailored specially for you!

How It Works?

Once you decided to join the Mentorship Program it’s time to get in touch with your mentor. You and the Mentor will then be put in touch via email and will set up a time to have your first meeting via phone, Skype, or in-person (depending on location). From there you will discuss your goals and set up the schedule of meetings for the duration of your time. All communication with your Mentor will take place remotely via phone, Skype or email, so you can live anywhere in the world and still benefit from a Mentorship. If your Mentor lives locally, meetings can also be arranged in person.

Mentorship Session Topics

With one-on-one sessions designed to your requirement, your mentor will ask you to think through what areas of your photography you want to work on, and then they will examine and tackle your project together.

Finding your niche and focusing on your style
Shooting & composition
How to tell a story with your images
Website, social media guidance and recommend changes

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