Exposure International Photography Contest 2019


Inter School Category

First Prize Winner

Photographer – Arjun Shukla

Image Caption – Bhiksa

Story Behind The Image –

This makes me remember about the god on earth that is ‘Mother”.
This lady just kept her hand on the window pane and it seemed like she called me “Beta” that means “Son”.
She was looking for her children in each and every vehicle.
Her face was not visible and yes her love for each and every son over the road was the same as the love and affection of mother don’t have a face.
She was asking for “Bhiksha” of love and affection from the people, she was asking for the “Bhiksha” of searching her son who was not with her.

Second Prize Winner

Photographer – Dharani Hariharan



Story Behind The Image –

Actually this is jayarami bush frog. This is endemic species of Western Ghats. This picture shooted in valparai. They croaking for attract female frogs and they are active in monsoon nights. Their habitats are rainforest .and I gifted lot of blood drops to leeches for this picture.

Third Prize Winner

Photographer – Ramakaushalyan

Image Caption – Kaali Devi


Story Behind The Image –

I took this photo in kaveripattinam in krishnagiri district of Tamilnadu. This annual fest take place every year where more than 4000 devotes paint themselves as kaali. To show the devotedness people pierce there skin with steel rods called vel. Carry hot objects in hand and men’s dress up as kaali and cross the river I saw this girl standing alone and immediately I ran towards her and clicked her portrait. Her eyes says her story.

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