Pushkar Camel Fair

Experience India’s biggest tribal festivities of more than 100-year-old Pushkar Mela. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the colour, spectacle, and carnival of one of the last great traditional fairs, which brings livestock, farmers, traders, and villagers from all over Rajasthan. Pushkar is not a place, it’s an experience in itself and no words can ever justify the experience one has in Pushkar Mela.

OMO Valley & Lalibela

9 days of enthralling experience of meeting and capturing various ethnic groups in Omo Valley.

Winter Expedition Mongolia

An incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience of nomadic migration with Eagle Hunters and their livestock.

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Our mission is to provide you a great photo opportunity. We will also strive to improve your image-making skills, while we pass on our enthusiasm and passion that will inspire you to reach new creative heights.

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At Exposure, we aim to provide the best learning opportunities to people who have a passion for photography and would like to better themselves in this field. We want to provide a platform for amateurs and skilled photographers alike, where they can learn, experiment and share their knowledge of photography with each other.

Photo Tours

Photo Tours

If you’re a photography enthusiast and keen to make the most of a vacation, Exposure’s Photo Tours are the perfect answer. Precisely designed to generate not only a myriad of photo opportunities but also a wholesome experience. 



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What Our Friends Are Saying About Us

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I'm soooooo grateful to Apratim Saha for guiding us through this amazing photography adventure. Thank you dearest Apratim for your guidance during the shoot as well as post-processing. Your selflessness in sharing your expertise is beyond appreciated! I highly recommend anyone that is interested in photography to join his photography workshops.


Chee Au


Apratim Saha is a brilliant storyteller and educator and firmly believes in imparting knowledge to the next generation so that the art of photography and storytelling can be kept alive. This was our first photography workshop with him, and we can say now that we will be attending his workshop, be it any wherever around the globe. His planning and execution of the tour and other knick knacks associated with streamlining the photography workshop make it superlative. It was an otherworldly experience for us to participate in the pushkar and dev deepawali tour. We wish him all the success and good health so that he can organize such brilliant workshops for photographers like us.

Charcoal & Vermillion

Charcoal & Vermillion


I visited Pushkar Camel Fair in 2017 in Rajasthan, India under the mentorship of Mr. Apratim Saha. I was very excited at this opportunity to witness and document such a remarkable occasion, and was very well guided by Mr. Saha. It was a totally unique experience for me and Mr Saha made all of us feel at home. I would definitely recommend any aspiring photographers to make the same trip with Apratim. I will be returning to not only this trip but any other photographic journeys arranged and overseen by him.

Sanhita Banerjee


Apratim's team for Ujjain Kumbh 2016, was also sort of mini Kumbh. There were people from far east, Singapore, as well as from west, Dubai. Participants came from a northern neighbour of India, Nepal as well as from farthest south, Kerala. Apratim played the perfect host, taking care of everything and updating each detail since a month before the actual event.

Sandip Dutta


Best ever PhotoTour attended in recent times, where Learning/Sharing/Experiencing knowledge was facilitated from the Best bunch of Photographers from different work fields from different parts of the Globe as a Single family.

Sabyasachi Talukdar


I personally recommend Apratim’s photo tour as the best one because I hate too much professional attitude. He is really a very nice and sober person and I feel it's a great opportunity to have photo tour with him as a senior photographer. I will look forward to having some tours with him in feature also. I highly recommend Apratim Saha as a mentor.

Mahua Baidya


I was part of Apratim Saha’s photography tour many times. Apratim took very minute care of the logistic part of the tour. From choosing well located hotel to timely food, a well-planned itinerary, a nice mix of budding and experienced photographers - all the right ingredients were in place for a very well organised tour.

Umesh. U. V


It was an awesome experience at Kumbh Mela along with our mentor Mr. Apratim Saha who makes all our desire happened for this purpose with a delicate default professional way. It's all a well managed programme. There was no lack ness of arrangement was found. I am a regular traveller even before of my photography but I never got such host, away from home. And regarding photography, I never got such experience before.

Lopamudra Talukdar