Exposure International Photography Contest 2019


Portrait Category

First Prize Winner

Photographer – Tamal Das

Image Caption – Friendship

Story Behind The Image –

Friendship is a special bond not bounded within humans only. On my excursion in a remote village in West Bengal I found a sweet bond between a teenage Girl and a guinea pig. They were more like friends , playing and eating together. Once I saw the girl roaming around with the guinea pig on her shoulder, I find their relation very interesting and that was the moment for me to to capture their bonding so I took the shot.

Second Prize Winner

Photographer – Rajatabha Ray

Image Caption – Life in Between


Story Behind The Image –

Nature gives us various colors for paint & decorated our life in a brighter way. Unfortunately some people are neglected by nature’s this law because these people’s lives obstacles pale their livelihood. The picture is an appropriate example of that kind of colorless but diligent, hardworking people who painted other people’s life colorful but their own life is colorless.

Third Prize Winner

Photographer – Samya Sengupta

Image Caption – You See Me In Your Dream


Story Behind The Image –

Interpretation of dream is a subject of interest to the scientists and psychologists since ancient days of Mesopotamia and Egyptian civilization to the modern days of Freud or Peterson. But dream remained an elusive concept of interplay between conscious, unconcious and subconscious minds, a reflection of desire and emotions, which ranged from ordinary to surreal and bizarre. But all interpretations remained inconclusive and mystic. In the given frame the water has been used to separate the perspective of dream from reality. The realm of aqua is representing mysticism of dream and desire which is surreal, intermingled yet somewhat identifiable.