Why to choose EXPOSURE – The School of Photography?

There are many photography institutes in India but what makes EXPOSURE – The School of Photography unique is the course offered at ETSP is the best as it appreciates photography as a visual language, where photographers master its grammar and craft, explore its numerous dialects and interpretations, and establish a visual conversation with the world around them. We are renowned as the best and most affordable photography institute in entire East India.

Experience Matters

More than 36+ years of experience in this field makes us understand photography as a dynamic expressive medium with an ever-evolving set of skills, concepts and aesthetics that both shape and are shaped by the social, political and cultural worlds in which they exist.

More than 2000+ students

We are proud to produce more than 2000+ successful students over the years.

Interactions with Masters

We provide platforms and create opportunities to meet, interact, and work with the greatest masters of the industry. Talks, workshops and group discussions, are organised from time to time.

Unparalleled Course Content

The thirst for creating a perfect image is enough to overpower the world. Here the courses we designed at ETSP are the perfect gateway that guides & helps you to create magnificent images. ETSP offers the most comprehensive & some very unique features in our courses which sets us apart from the rest. The courses have been very precisely & scientifically designed by some of the best International and National leading photography professionals.The course contains different modules each of which is a mix of lectures, slideshows, demonstrations, outdoor and classroom sessions, critique sessions, workshops and guest lectures. ETSP is able to offer such wide content in its syllabus, and teach it with such expertise due to the immense global experience of its tutors.

International and National Faculties

The best International and National Faculties who are pioneers in the field of Photo Science and who have devoted their entire life to the field of photography have come together determined to share their knowledge, impart wisdom and narrate their experiences in the form of lessons and lectures.

They have inspired many emerging photographers with their immense knowledge and experience to help transform amateurs into professional photographers. Each and every student is tutored by the masters of this very art themselves. It’s a great opportunity to learn from these unmatched faculties. Who wants to miss a chance like this!

Exposure Magazine

Exposure Magazine is an international non–profitable authoritative publication on photography. It aims in discovering contemporary talent around the world. We believe that recognition and exposure are essential for photographers of all levels to move forward creatively and professionally. This belief underpins our ongoing efforts to share, celebrate and reward great photography.

We are in a process of building a global online audience to recognize and promote the most exciting emerging photographers internationally. We want to help readers by enhancing their knowledge, polishing their photographic skills and providing guidance to aspirant photographers.

Outdoor Workshops

A workshop is an educational experience not only to improve rules, the vision of art and techniques of the photography, but also to address the heart of the matter: what lies in the field of vision, how are the elements connected, what does one make an image of.

Students can join our Outdoor Workshops where we show them how to ensure that the image is full of meaning and impact; how they can convey a meaning; how every picture of them will tell a story. Simply, through these workshops, they will learn to analyse the world as they look at it with their eyes and see it in an entirely new way. Most of all, our Workshops will help the students to discover their own visual language, as well as practical and conceptual, know how to confront real situation storytelling.

International and National Photo Tours

We conduct regular photo tours in domestic as well as international locations throughout the year where our students can join to generate not only a myriad of photo opportunities but also a wholesome experience. They’re simply the best way to explore a place with a camera and with professional photographers alongside, whose knowledge of the place is immense and love for it intimate.

Through these photo tours we want our students to go home feeling that they have not only been to some fantastic places, met some like-minded people, and had a great time; but also, learnt something new and exciting about photography.

Private & Customized Photography Tours

If the students are looking to travel with photography masters, but do not desire to be a part of a group then Private & Customized Photography Tours is their best choice. A tailor-made completely customised travel package designed exclusively for them.

We can take the students anywhere but presently we serve the best experience in India, Ethiopia, Mongolia, South Sudan, Morocco, Cuba, Iceland, Namibia, Papua, New Guinea, China, Kenya, Tanzania, Nairobi, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Reasonable Course Fee

We are known to be the best and most affordable photography institute in entire East India.  We focus on making learning an exciting experience so that you are able to enjoy every aspect of professional photography. We provide the right infrastructure and the ambience to nurture your skill and turn you into an expert professional.

Regular Photowalks

We organize regular Photowalks guided by professional mentors which is very unique to our curriculum. Regular Photowalks and Review Sessions enable our students to keep up with productivity, consistency and quality.

Studio Workshops

Our studio organised with advanced equipment for portraiture, fashion and product shoot is a great opportunity for the students to understand the correct usage and grammar of this language. Studio Photography Workshops are a perfect blend of understanding the theoretical aspects of light and practical photography.