Photo Tours 2024

You’ll join us as guests, but leave as friends

If you’re a photography enthusiast and keen to make the most of a vacation, Exposure’s Photo Tours are the perfect answer. Precisely designed to generate not only a myriad of photo opportunities but also a wholesome experience, they’re simply the best way in which to explore a place with a camera, with professional photographers, whose knowledge of the place is immense and love for it intimate. Our mission is to provide you a great photo opportunity. We will also strive to improve your image making skills, while we pass on our enthusiasm and passion that will inspire you to reach new creative heights.

We want you to go home feeling that you have not only been to some fantastic places, met some like minded people, and had a great time; but also, learnt something new and exciting about photography. You only need to bring your camera equipment and an open mind.

Pushkar Photo Tour


Date: 9th – 12th November 2024

Experience India’s biggest tribal festivities of more than 100-year-old Pushkar Camel Fare. It’s a lifetime…

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Date: 14th – 17th November 2024

A four-day photo tour during the auspicious occasion of ‘Dev Deepawali’ in the magical city of Varanasi, one of the most ancient living cities in the world. Captur…

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Gerewol Festival in Chad


Date: 7th – 13th October 2024

Africa’s one of the most fascinating cultural festivals of Wodaabe men adorn themselves with makeup and jewellery, showcasing themselves to young women…

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Marrakesh, Morocco


Date: 16th – 25th September 2024

Gateway to Africa, a land of breathtaking mountain ranges, ancient cities, and sweeping deserts, Morocco is any photographer’s paradise. Embark on an extrao…

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A Kazakh Eagle Hunter with his eagle from Altantsögts district of Bayan-Ölgii Province in western Mongolia.

Autumn Expedition Mongolia

Date: 20th Aug to 29th Aug 2024

An incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience of the migration of the Eagle Hunters for adventurous photographers across Mongolia’s Altai mountains with a Kazakh family and their livestock.

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Botei Rys, a Kazakh Eagle Hunter crossing a river with his eagle from Altantsögts district of Bayan-Ölgii Province in western Mongolia.

Mustang Photo Tour

Date: 2nd – 11th May 2024

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the vibrant landscapes of the upper Mustang, known as the “Forbidden Kingdom” during the Tiji Festival. Nestled in the mystical realm of the Himalayas, Mus..

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Date: 9th – 15th April 2024

Experience one of the most vibrant festivals in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, Kathmandu. Festivals in Nepal are occasions to express religi…

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Akhtikek, the Eagle Hunter Yermyek’s son, was migrating with his animals in the Altai mountains during a brutal snowstorm.

Winter Expedition Mongolia

Date: 04th – 14th Feb 2024

An incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience of nomadic migration with Eagle Hunters and their livestock.

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Omo Valley Photo Tour

Omo Valley & Lalibela, Ethiopia

Date: 10th – 18th Jan 2024

Enthralling experience of shooting some of Africa’s last true indigenous tribal people, visit Lalibela (ላሊበላ) has

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