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Ladakh 2018

28th August 2018 to 6th September 2018

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why go on an Exposure Tour?

At EXPOSURE, we are passionate about photography just as you are, which lets us understand your travails and needs perfectly. And we use this insight to specially design our Photography Tours so they give you an advantage to excel at the art and set you up for success.

Carefully planned to maximise photo opportunities
Led by professional photographers
Hands-on photography assistance in the field
Extensive learning off-field
Image-reviews, post-processing and presentations
Post-Tour guidance, advice and assistance

Specifically, you will get –
A clinically organized tour with utmost attention to your comfort and needs
An open, informal environment that promotes interactive learning
A team that will strategize and work to a plan to optimize opportunities and ensure a great tour
Practical, hands-on assistance in photography from the tour Skippers both in the field and off it
Individual interaction with the Mentors over general or specific issues
First-hand learning from the masters in the art and craft of photography
That’s not all. When you’re not out in the field using the camera, you will learn and enjoy our sessions on photography techniques, photograph reviews and presentations and discussions on topics relevant to the Photo Tour in question.

Who this opportunity might be for?

Those who want to travel in a way that is different to tourists.
Aspiring photographers who want to learn by being out in the field and seeing how travel photos are taken.
Aspiring travel writers or even established ones who want to pair up with a photographer and know the language and the area that I am working in.

What you can expect?

An opportunity to learn about photography and life on the road from being out in the field with us. In our free time, you can ask any photography related questions that you want.
A chance to travel your country or the country that you are familiar with without having to pay the expenses.
Some amazing experiences and adventures along the way.

What you should not expect?

This isn’t the best way to build your portfolio. When I photograph people, I do not want to have others photographing at the same time, this is distracting for me and overwhelming for the subjects. There might still be chances, but you should not base your desire to come on that.
This isn’t a holiday. At times we will really be roughing it out.

What are the requisites to participate in this Tour?

Apart from interest in landscape photography, adventure travel or exploration, a minimum level of fitness is essential. If you’re unsure of your fitness or suffer from chronic altitude sickness or a known illness, please consult your physician before signing up for this Tour.

Why is fitness required for this Tour?

What will be the climatic conditions? Although we’re visiting in the autumn, the weather will be cold during night with the average temperature around 10-15 ° Celsius. The demand for fitness arises from the predominantly high altitudes we will be in, which entail thinness of oxygen and physiological conditions.

Who can be a part of this Tour?

Any individual above the age of 18 (unless accompanied by a parent or guardian) who has the requisite fitness to complete the Tour can participate.

What equipment do you suggest on this Tour?

For landscape and architectural photography, a good wide-angle or ultra-wide-angle lens is a must. A short or medium fixed telephoto or zoom lens will help you make ‘compressed landscape’ images, abstracts and do candid people or street photography. You may also bring along a portrait lens, such as a 50mm or 85mm lens, to make high-quality portraiture. A full-frame (35mm) camera with compatible wide-angle and fisheye lenses will allow you to make the most of the opportunities, especially whilst shooting inside the monasteries. Finally, a long telephoto lens (300 to 400mm) will enable images of wildlife.

Tour Dates

28th August 2018 to 6th September 2018


Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India.






For Indian Participants

72000 INR - Double Occupancy
89000 INR - Single Occupancy

Foreign Participants

1300 USD - Double Occupancy
1750 USD - Single Occupancy

(Includes accommodation and food)


Maximum 5 participants


English, Hindi & Bengali



Meet Your Mentor

Apratim Saha

Apratim Saha

Apratim feels capturing images that people enjoy to look at and are impressed with is not the only reason that inspired him to take up photography seriously but to give people a reason to care was the main intention for him.
Apratim is a contributing photographer for National Geographic Stock Photography, Getty Images and Stocksy United. He is a Brand Ambassador and mentor for Tamron, Datacolor, Nisi, Godox & Vanguard. He is also a consultant Chiiz Photography Magazine. He has over 30 years of experience, from traditional film to digital photography. He is a commercial photographer specializing in people photography, portraiture, lifestyle & editorial clients. Besides commercial works, Apratim also shoots other subjects that stimulate his visual or emotional sensibilities.